We are Czech producers
of linear troughs, sewer and floor drains.

Company News

PF 202031. 12. 2019

We thank you for your confidence in the end of the year and look forward to further cooperation in 2020. All the best for the new year wish you staff Chuděj s.r.o.

Merry Christmas24. 12. 2019

Enjoy your Christmas and an evening of fulfilled wishes with your employees Chuděj s.r.o.

BIG 5 Dubai25. 11. 2019

We are ready. For the sake of interest, this is the fair with the longest tradition in the UAE. The BIG 5 Dubai is the largest construction fair in GCC, Africa and Asia.

Chuděj s.r.o.

We are a traditional Czech company manufacturing draining fixtures, floor, roof and linear drains since 1990. Over that time, we have undergone many changes and acquired highly valuable experience, which we continue to take advantage of today both in our manufacturing processes and in developing our products.

Miroslav Chuděj

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